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Invisible £3.00

High school geek Rick Dickson achieves the wish of every rejected teenager – to disappear. Rick, now commanding the gift of invisibility, has to not only face the emotional lows of high school, but the dangerous world of being a superhero. As Rick is trying to come to terms with his new life and the shocking truth about father, he must battle against a familiar threat from within his school. Is all this drama and pain part of being a superhero, or is it just part of growing up?
iHero Issue 1 £3.00
iHero Issue 1

When Jack Taylor genius, visonary and creator of the iHero is found dead, Icon the original super hero joins forces with the dark and mysterious Sovereign to investigate.

Part 1 of 3.
Villainous Triple Pack £8.00
Villainous Triple Pack

The Villainous Triple Pack includes Issues 1, 2 and 3 of Villainous. The complete Story.
Villainous Issue 1 £2.00
Villainous Issue 1

Villainous follows the story of Victor Arkin, a convicted psychopathic killer who daringly escapes the confines of Straffen Asylum. Despite an infamous bloody past, Victor has broken free for reasons unknown. A man - hell bent on destruction and admirer of Victor - has taken his legacy as inspiration, and Victor must stop him before more blood is shed in his name.
Villainous Issue 2 £3.00
Villainous Issue 2

Villainous Issue 2 continues the story of Victor Arkin, after his daring escape from Straffen Asylum. Police detectives Tom Bryson and Miles Buchanan are in hot on his trail.
Villainous Issue 3 £3.00
Villainous Issue 3

The explosive Double Issue finale of the Villainous saga. Picking up immediately after the ending of Issue 2, Detective Bryson and his squad are pinned down and fighting for their lives. Meanwhile Victor gets closer to finding the real Villain that threatens the city.

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