What is Villainous? Or how I learned to properly summarise it and love cliches.

It's something I have to do quite often. And it's really simple.


What is Villainous about? friends, family, convention attendees will of course ask this, because if you're creating a comic you need to tell people about it.

Only problem is, ask me on a bad day and I'll choke up. Ask me on a good day and I'll sputter out something convoluted, when it really isn't.

Here's my confession, so i can link you to this when I make it sound like a shit idea.


I explain it fairly badly, because I want to make it sound fancy. Simple as that. The real BASIC explanation sounds extremely cliched, and I bounce around synonymns to avoid saying it.


I am proud of my work, and I do try to fill it with lots of plot depth and characterisation, but I shouldn't cram this into my explanation. I babble about each characters motives and try and fit in the themes of the comic - which most people want to find out for themselves or aren't really interested on hearing me talk nonsense.

From now on I will say this:


"Villainous is about a mass murderer who breaks free from an asylum to stop a copy cat killer."


There we go, I said it. Copycat killer. the worst most cliche word in the Thriller lexicon. But it's the easiest way to put it, and you know what, I bet I'm the only one that has a problem with it.


The above sounds so much better than my video plug for geek Syndicate. - still major kudos to them for allowing the promotion, next time I'll be more prepared!


From now on I'm keeping it short and sweet, so I don't scare off people from ever reading it. What you guys think?