Villainous in 3D!

No, our comic hasn't jumped to fad territory yet...





The 3D is infact this awesome clay model of Victor Arkin my friends Jess and Stephen (he made it, she directed) got me for my birthday! Really thoughtful gift, and it's cool to see a prototype action figure for your own comic character. maybe Todd McFarlane will be phoning me soon to make a full production line. Okay I wish. Let's talk when we're published eh?


Stephen's a talented guy with some hilarious youtube videos, check out his stuff here, and for another use of his clay models check out this!


I don't know if the humour is too Glaswegian for everyone to appreciate, but to us from Glasgae, it's funny as fuck! Everyone can relate to Customer Service though, well anyone who has ever have to deal with customers. They're a pain, really.


I thought about doing a short strip series about customer experience I've had in real life but I'm not too certain if I want to actually go through with it. Could it get me in trouble with my work? Maybe.


In unrelated news we have a new review heading our way, I'll post it up in the news section once complete!






0 # graeme 2011-03-10 23:18
3D is the wave of the future! Unless of course you mean Avatar which was a step backwards for human civilisation as well as cinema. ;-)
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