Quick recap - The QMU Comic Mart, April 2012

So we just had our first sale of Villainous issue 2 in our home turf, how'd it go?


Not too great. The mart was uncharacteristically rather dead for a good portion of the day. It is Easter however, and people are probably out with their families instead of doing the best thing to do - buy comics!


Even if it was a slow one, I still had a blast. It's almost like everyone is your best friend at comic conventions (even though this is a mini one), you've got a giant subject matter in common. I got to have a great chat with exhibitors and attendees old and new. It was awesome exhibiting with fellow GLOW writers Gordon and John, even if the buggers done better than me! Nothing wrong with friendly competition, eh?


Aye Graeme was okay to sit next to too, but here's the question - when will he update his blog?


Next blog update is gonna have some more depth, I got a suggestion via Twitter to write something on the creative process of making comics. More than happy to oblige.