Good times at Thought Bubble 2011

Well I'm at that part. You know, the part after a convention where everything is a drag. Back to work, back to study, back to the real world. No rollergirls skooshing past me in the street, I can't turn my head and see Batman, Judge Dredd and Harley Quinn hanging about, and I also can't start talking to completely random people with so much ease, because no one else are huge geeks.

It's the post-con blues, baby.

But damn, let's remember the good times of the con, here's my brief summary:


Drive down, fun road trip with boring games that don't involve polygons, or you know, anything. Started filming stuff to compile a video, and attempted a vlog... god I suck at it, from now on, it's my friend text box. Oh and then my camera ran out, no footage at all! Mandatory arrival beer at the hotel, it ruled.


If you ever notice me acting strange at a con, it's cause I'm absolutely knackered. The nerves and excitement the pre-con night always result in a crappy sleep. But even with the bags under the eyes, the Saturday was a fantastic day. The con ran smooth as ever, the Thought Bubble staff were great and the place was positively buzzing. All the attendees were really friendly and easy to chat with at our table, and I owe a big thanks to all those who took a stab with Villainous. I had a great time meeting everyone and hopefully will see some familiar faces in future cons. Also, the cosplayers, how cool are they? Some were incredibly good, I wish I had the balls to do it, especially the certain people that were showing some more-than-usual skin. Plus, it musta been cold! Brave, awesome people.


Quieter day, but this served as good way for me to explore more. It was much more relaxed so I browsed the two halls, and wish I had time to check out all the cool stuff people had. Attempted to que for Charlie Adler but the wait is just too long since I'm meant to be at a table. It is cool that the artist spends so much time with each person tho and give them really excellent artwork. I managed to grab a sketch from Al Davidson as a wedding gift to my wife to be (well me too), a sketch of Batman and Wonder Woman with Mr. C and Mrs. C on their chest. Such a great piece of work and a good cute gift for display in the house.


Daniel Clifford of Sugar Glider fame, artist Cuttlefish, Ed Murphy of Rough Cut Comics, the awesome Team Girls Comics team, Rosie Stoker and Jamie - a great video team who makes you feel totally at ease, Matt the Thought Bubble guy who gave us lots of advice (and slaggings!), the Comics Anonymous group, John Farman of Black Hearted Press, and I hope I haven't left anyone out!

Till next time, folks.