Glasgow Comic Fair: The Uncut Report

OR Team in action at the QMU


First convention of 2011 was a rather interesting one, both good and bad. It's always fun, and an honour when someone picks up your comic and then goes through with it and actually buying it. It's a lot to ask without a big brand name behind you or any sort of major publicity. So again, thanks to people who bought it. This convention was however our weakest one yet, for a few reasons...


1. I was loaded with the cold! Now conventions make me nervous so I'm usually spacewalking through the day on minimal sleep, but this time I was ill to boot! Expecting a friendly chatty person when looking at the comic - look elsewhere! I was clamped up, not intentionally but just due to my miserableness. I'm usually an active talker when people have a peek to interest them, but not last Saturday.


2. If you can see by the picture or half table was sandwiched between two exhibitors with big boxes. Now it is their right to use them, and I'm not cheeky enough to moan about them, it was just unfortunate that we were squeezed in the corner between them without proper breathing space.


3. Too much going on. We had ideas for competitions to promote, but due to the busyness it was hard to convey them. We still like the idea of competitions for artwork and tee shirts, but we'll just need to think of a new way to approach it. The leaflets on them cluttered our table (as you can see)!


We're going to announce the competition for general use, not just the people at that convention, so keep an eye out!


The mart was good overall and the one we attended last year was our most successful convention sales wise. Luck had to run out soon, and hopefully once issue two is released we'll get some fans coming back for more.


The guy that organise the marts is also doing the Glasgow Comic Con, a first for 15 years, which I can't attend due to being on holiday. I'm quite gutted to be honest as it's large scale and would be perfect for exhibiting.


There's always next year...