Gary Chudleigh announces 'Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles' with Black Hearted Press




I'm beyond thrilled to announce my latest project 'Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles', a sci-fi fantasy comic wonderfully dawn by Tanya Roberts and published by Black Hearted Press.


I'd like to thank Tanya and the BHP team for their collaboration in bringing this project to life.


Check out the official press release from BHP below:


''Black Hearted Press are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a brand new sci-fi fantasy adventure titled Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles. The work is written by Gary Chudleigh (DC Thomson, OR Comics) and art by Tanya Roberts (Star Wars, TMNT).

In the near future Scotland has been left a post-apocalyptic wasteland, due to a plague that has swept the country. Ordinary people struggle to survive from day to day. As a result of the plague witches now walk among us, hunted down and forced to stand trial by specialist freelance witch-hunters.

One such witch-hunter is Thomas Mackie who, along with his talking dog Dex, hunts for only one reason – to earn enough bounty to have a better life. Things take an unexpected turn when Mackie’s latest target, Miranda Lee, blackmails him into helping her act out a dangerous plot to cure the plague once and for all.

Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles will be the first sci-fi/fantasy comic book to be published by Black Hearted Press. The comic will launch at Glasgow Comic Con, Scotland’s Comic Book Festival, just one of many Scottish created titles that will make their debuts at the festival.

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