Been a while since I blogged, so everyone who cares (i.e Graeme) - apologies!


So what's new?


I've joined a group of writers based called Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW), which has so far been an absolute blast. Not only am I gaining contacts within the comic scene and bettering my work, I'm also gaining friends during the process. It's probably one of the best steps I've made as a writer, as I didn't really know any other comic writers to bounce off of.

A big thank you to Gordon Robertson for starting up the group, which will ony grow bigger. Look out for the first anthology later this year.

Check GLoW out on Twitter for all the latest info on the members projects and GLoW work.


During my GLoW adventures I managed to gain advice that is drastically changing our approach to making comics. Inker and colourist Jamie Grant told me while I nursing a pint in the pub some guidlines when it comes to production. The problem with the way its done now? Getting bogged down by a long comic series and putting too much work on the one artist.

It's obvious that Villainous issue two took far longer than expected (issue one says late 2010 on the back!), but it just happens when this is all done in spare time. There is work, social life and other commitments that get in the way. But now we have an oppurtunity to really improve, by doing the following:


Release Villainous pages individually weekly instead of bulk. Content is smaller but it gets it out there, and the site updated with fresh content. This means we don't get slumped down heavily with work and nothing to show for it.


Focus alot more on one-shots and getting in extra hands to produce them. Graemes a talented artist for sure, but taking on pencilling, inking and colouring aswell as designing and maintaining the website is extremely time consuming with his full time job as a game designer. I am eternally grateful for his dedication, but it's time to loosen the load a bit and get more stuff on the site.


So I'm pretty damn excited for the future of OR Comics, expect steady and regular material, with some guest artists hopefully in the near future!


If any artists here want to take part, drop me a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - I'll be actively seeking some when I've written some material.