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What is Villainous? Or how I learned to properly summarise it and love cliches.

It's something I have to do quite often. And it's really simple.


What is Villainous about? friends, family, convention attendees will of course ask this, because if you're creating a comic you need to tell people about it.

Only problem is, ask me on a bad day and I'll choke up. Ask me on a good day and I'll sputter out something convoluted, when it really isn't.

Here's my confession, so i can link you to this when I make it sound like a shit idea.


I explain it fairly badly, because I want to make it sound fancy. Simple as that. The real BASIC explanation sounds extremely cliched, and I bounce around synonymns to avoid saying it.


I am proud of my work, and I do try to fill it with lots of plot depth and characterisation, but I shouldn't cram this into my explanation. I babble about each characters motives and try and fit in the themes of the comic - which most people want to find out for themselves or aren't really interested on hearing me talk nonsense.

From now on I will say this:


"Villainous is about a mass murderer who breaks free from an asylum to stop a copy cat killer."


There we go, I said it. Copycat killer. the worst most cliche word in the Thriller lexicon. But it's the easiest way to put it, and you know what, I bet I'm the only one that has a problem with it.


The above sounds so much better than my video plug for geek Syndicate. - still major kudos to them for allowing the promotion, next time I'll be more prepared!


From now on I'm keeping it short and sweet, so I don't scare off people from ever reading it. What you guys think?



A Short Story



Thought I'd take this opportunity to share some other works that I have done. As part of college, I wrote a short story for my friend Alec's anthology book Duality. I don't write prose often and prefer scripting, but it does sometimes have liberating factors. When in the mood it allows great creative freedom in expression in use of description, metaphors and similies, which you can sometimes lose in scripts. I go back and forth from liking my prose work, I am proud of what I achieved with the short story, but I rushed the ending to meet the deadline and feel that it's rather flawed overall - not to put you off!

My friend Grant who is a fantastic writer took a complete different grounded, murky approach to the concept, his being a social horror and mines being a kid-like fantasty tale. I took inspirations from IT and Whedon's works (childhood anxiety, monsters as metaphors) and hope you guys like it! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think.


Villainous in 3D!

No, our comic hasn't jumped to fad territory yet...





The 3D is infact this awesome clay model of Victor Arkin my friends Jess and Stephen (he made it, she directed) got me for my birthday! Really thoughtful gift, and it's cool to see a prototype action figure for your own comic character. maybe Todd McFarlane will be phoning me soon to make a full production line. Okay I wish. Let's talk when we're published eh?


Stephen's a talented guy with some hilarious youtube videos, check out his stuff here, and for another use of his clay models check out this!


I don't know if the humour is too Glaswegian for everyone to appreciate, but to us from Glasgae, it's funny as fuck! Everyone can relate to Customer Service though, well anyone who has ever have to deal with customers. They're a pain, really.


I thought about doing a short strip series about customer experience I've had in real life but I'm not too certain if I want to actually go through with it. Could it get me in trouble with my work? Maybe.


In unrelated news we have a new review heading our way, I'll post it up in the news section once complete!




Glasgow Comic Fair: The Uncut Report

OR Team in action at the QMU


First convention of 2011 was a rather interesting one, both good and bad. It's always fun, and an honour when someone picks up your comic and then goes through with it and actually buying it. It's a lot to ask without a big brand name behind you or any sort of major publicity. So again, thanks to people who bought it. This convention was however our weakest one yet, for a few reasons...


1. I was loaded with the cold! Now conventions make me nervous so I'm usually spacewalking through the day on minimal sleep, but this time I was ill to boot! Expecting a friendly chatty person when looking at the comic - look elsewhere! I was clamped up, not intentionally but just due to my miserableness. I'm usually an active talker when people have a peek to interest them, but not last Saturday.


2. If you can see by the picture or half table was sandwiched between two exhibitors with big boxes. Now it is their right to use them, and I'm not cheeky enough to moan about them, it was just unfortunate that we were squeezed in the corner between them without proper breathing space.


3. Too much going on. We had ideas for competitions to promote, but due to the busyness it was hard to convey them. We still like the idea of competitions for artwork and tee shirts, but we'll just need to think of a new way to approach it. The leaflets on them cluttered our table (as you can see)!


We're going to announce the competition for general use, not just the people at that convention, so keep an eye out!


The mart was good overall and the one we attended last year was our most successful convention sales wise. Luck had to run out soon, and hopefully once issue two is released we'll get some fans coming back for more.


The guy that organise the marts is also doing the Glasgow Comic Con, a first for 15 years, which I can't attend due to being on holiday. I'm quite gutted to be honest as it's large scale and would be perfect for exhibiting.


There's always next year...

A portfolio review by Mark Millar - exciting first post eh?

First welcome to my blog section of the site, I'm the guy who writes and letters for OR Comics and no doubt they'll be some sort of banner on the site to clearly label that fact so this sentence is pointless.


Ah well.


But thank you very much for having a look at my blog! Hope it isn't boring.


Okay so rather good news for my first post - the sit down CLiNT portfolio review wasn't just with editorial staff as I had assumed, and it was infact with famed comic writer Mark Millar. This was a shock, but a pleasant one, as nowhere did the event advertise as Millar being the person who done the reviewal.


The review went well, but was hindered by time. Mid reviewal, a woman informed Millar that time was running short and with five people after me, mines had to be far more brief than previous people. It was a shame, because while Millar had nice things to say and some constructive criticism for areas of improvement, the previous attendees got a much more indepth analysis, which brought up structure, inking and other aspects, whereas only the art could really be commented on in the time frame. I feel as if I missed out, but still had a good time. He was really friendly. No ego, or smarm, just a guy you could probably have a pint with.


Next up it's the convention on Saturday at Glasgow's QMU, check it out on Facebook for info.


P.s it was weird having a reviewal of artwork when the artist couldn't make it! Damn you timing of the event! Maybe next time Graeme?


and p.p.s I love Total Recall and shamed to admit I am now just sitting down to read the original short story. I'm on and off with Philip K. Dick, I find his stuff interesting but some of his material completely cold and uninvolving. SO far I'm liking "..For you Wholesale" and I do love Blade Runner (I can't be bothered typing the full titles even though this clearly takes more effort).

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