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Villainous follows the story of Victor Arkin, a convicted psychopathic killer who daringly escapes the confines of Straffen Asylum. Despite an infamous bloody past, Victor has broken free for reasons unknown. A man - hell bent on destruction and admirer of Victor - has taken his legacy as inspiration, and Victor must stop him before more blood is shed in his name.

Things aren't that simple though, as the police force is hot on pursuit, and Detective Thomas Bryson is out for vengeance over his father's death; Victor will have to beat all odds to save the city. Can Victor atone for his past? Or will he always just be the Villain?


The world of Villainous.



Isolated in the woods of Redfield Forest, Straffen asylum stands deep amongst the foliage. It was established in the late 1800's and has been constantly renovated up until present day; retaining it an intimidating gothic look with the more clinically modern. The reputation it has built is outstanding, but not without controversy. It's experimentation regarding psychotherapy has been under scrutiny for years; both praised and rejected by various circles.


Brought to its uplifting and sunny feet in the 1970's, Sun-Dale mall with its relaxing music, varied shopping for all the family and bright decor has embraced many customers. Tragedy struck though, as a terrorist attack by the infamous Victor Arkin destroyed most of its foundation. It remains closed today, and will be scheduled for demolition.


Character profiles and histories of the Villainous cast of characters.


AGE: 40
STATUS: Escaped

Victor Arkin was as brutal as they come, a murdering psychopath who took pleasure in total destruction and chaos. Deeply scarred as a child and having military experience, Victor was an unstoppable force. He executed shooting sprees, taunted the media and destroyed buildings with explosives. The most famous incident being the Hawk stadium massacre, which saw over 30 people killed. The entire city shook in fear of Victor Arkin. 10 years later though, and the man the city feared may be a lot different than they remembered.


AGE: 39 (at T.O.D.)
STATUS: Deceased

A hero cop and family man. The last victim of the terrorist Victor Arkin before he was captured at the Sun Dale Mall 10 years ago. Jack was shot and killed in front of his teenage son Tom Bryson. Jack's sacrifice in the line of duty inspired his son to follow in his foot steps and become a detective in the City Police force.


AGE: 27
STATUS: Active

An experienced, smart and brutally intense cop, Thomas Bryson has served many years at the forefront of the police force. Now a homicide detective, with experience in anti-terror task forces, Bryson remains loyal to his duty of protection. While having a great and healthy relationship with his wife Jessica, the haunting memory of his fatherís death still plagues his mind, causing mood swings in his daily life.

AGE: 26
STATUS: Civilian

Sassy and outgoing, Jessica is a yin to Bryson's yang. Very cultured and creative, Jessica has written 2 crime novels, which have been praised for their realism. When a younger student Jessica went into cop bars for research material, she got more than expected when she left with a rookie Bryson's number. From that moment up until the present day, they have remained together.

AGE: 27
STATUS: Active

Miles is a slow learner, but good willed and dedicated. While not the sharpest, or the most confident man, spending time under Bryson's wing has upped his game. As he undergoes training to become a detective he has learned a lot, but certain shades of green still show through in his work.

AGE: 24
STATUS: Active

Of both American and Japanese heritage, Mia stands out in the police force. Her flirtatious and bubbly persona can light up the room, and her smarts and demeanour under pressure are envied.


STATUS: Active

David is a well liked and eager young officer, he hopes to become a detective and is always on hand to help out Detectives Bryson and Buchanan.




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