San Diego Comic Con 2009


The Obscure Reference Comics team set upon the comic book and media event of the year!

We took along some preview copies of the Villainous Prologue and the Villainous Poster for free give aways. Let us know if you picked one up by via Facebook, Bebo or Twitter.  We also wore our Villainous tees to show them off. Highlights include meeting Jimmy Daze and buying one of his graphic novels, and meeting the lovely ladies from the Suicide Girls.

Below is a photo of the Obscure Reference Comics Team outside the San Diego Convention Centre. We are seen here with one of the Villainous posters which we were giving away at Comic Con. I'd say it was one of the best freebies there, after all the free hugs that were being dished out.

Obscure Reference Comics Team at Comic Con

We took a visit to the small press section and wished we spent more there (although we could say the same for everything at comic con). We only managed to spend one day browsing around the stands and we were very impressed with the talent that was on offer. This is where we met independent graphic novelist Jimmy Portillo of Jimmy Daze Comics. We chatted with Jimmy for a bit about his first comic Gabriel and the experience of breaking into the industry. He shared tips and advice and was impressed by the Villainous preview comic. We gladly gave him a copy, to which he requested an autograph from the team! You can check him out at

In a sneaky mission, we planted free samples of the Villainous poster and the Villainous Prologue comic on the upper floor. We happily observed many of them being picked up by the convention-goers. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on one, drop us a line and tell us what you think.
Here, the OR team visited the Suicide girls booth and got a picture for their website. Great for promotion and just awesome in general! You can check them out here.

Obscure Reference Comics itself also got a shout out as a girl working at the Stylin clothes complimented the name and requested a tee! Unfortunately Gary's wasn't her favourite colour and Graeme's wouldn't fit. So close to a free Spidey tee in return as well. Either way, the gesture was flattering.

Check out the rest of our photos below.



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