PS3 Villainous theme


PS3 owners be sure to check out the new free Villainous theme! In build up to the release of issue 1, this custom theme will display 3 varying backgrounds to accompany your consoles XMB and show off Villainous to all your mates.

Not sure how to save themes from computer to PS3? Here’s a step by step guide to get you on your way.

1. Open your USB to view its files and folders
2. Make a new folder called PS3 (must be in block capitals)
3. Inside the PS3 folder you just made, make a new folder called THEME (this must also be in block capitals)
4. Download the Villainous theme from the site.
5. Once you've downloaded it, right-click it and click copy.
6. Go to your theme folder in your USB device, right-click and click paste.
7. When it is finished copying, put your USB device into your PS3.
8. Now on your PS3 go to theme settings and go to theme.
9. A list of options will come up. go to install
10. Select your USB device and select “sample” – The Villainous theme appears as this.
11. Wait a while and it should install
12. Go to theme settings and find your theme
13. Press x and hit apply


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