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Alice from Batwoman

Alice - Batwoman 1


Got a request for Alice from Batwoman, so here you go.


What do you think? Love it? Hate it?


Super Orbital

Supergirl in Orbit


Super Girl heading somewhere fast or more like away form somewhere fast...

Rocky Road

Rocky Road


Not a Super Hero! In fact it's not even a comic character at all.




As promised here is my own take on Marvels Domino. These are lots of fun to do so if you have any suggestions or request for characters you'd like to see let us know on FacebookTwitter or in the comments below.


Check back next week for a new post.

Black Widow

Black Widow Avengers


Glad to say that my Super Girl from last week went down well and I got a request for a Black Widow which of course I'm happy to oblige.

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