Myth Monster MotherRucker #1

Myth Monster MotherRucker #1


Deep in the Ural Mountains of Russia a series of fantastic events led to the dissapearance of a group of Students. Finally their story can be told with the help of top secret F.S.B. files. Discover the truth about a cover up that goes to the highest levels of the Russain Government. This is no Myth....



Myth Monster MotherRucker

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Myth Monster MotherRucker

Artwork by: Graeme Kennedy

Writing by: Graeme Kennedy

Lettering by: Gary Chudleigh

Edited by: Graeme Kennedy and Gary Chudleigh

Based on actual events. Myth Monster MotherRucker tells the story of an ill fated group of Russian University students who, in the Summer of 1998 led by their Professor, entered the Ural Mountain range. Only a few lived to tell the tale. Dramatised here for the first time with the aid of recently declassified F.S.B. files is the true story of what happend to the "Ural Six".


Myth Monster MotherRucker - Discover the truth.


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Myth Monster MotherRucker is created by Obscure Reference Comics. Myth Monster MotherRucker is copyright © 2012 by Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy, all rights reserved. The characters, places and incidents featuring in this publication are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, events institutions, or locales is purely coincidental, so don't complain.



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