iHero #1



Meet the iHero. It's got fast fluid performance in a thin, light yet fully featured device. It's great for everything from Email, Music and Messages. It’s simple, powerful, easy to use and even easier to Love. Oh! And there's one more thing... It gives you SUPER POWERS!




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Artwork by: Graeme Kennedy

Writing by: Luke Halsall

Lettering by: Gary Chudleigh

Edited by: Luke Halsall and Graeme Kennedy

When Jack Taylor genius, visonary and creator of the iHero is found dead, Icon the original super hero joins forces with the dark and mysterious Sovereign to investigate.


Part one of three.


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iHero is created by Luke Halsall and Graeme Kennedy. © iHero is copyright 2013 by Luke Halsall and Graeme Kennedy, all rights reserved. The characters, places and incidents featuring in this publication are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, events institutions, or locales is purely coincidental, so don't complain.



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