Out Of Time

Out Of Time


Ever felt you didn’t belong? As if you should have lived in the past or the future instead of the world we live in now? Well look no further!


iHero #1



Meet the iHero. It's got fast fluid performance in a thin, light yet fully featured device. It's great for everything from Email, Music and Messages. It’s simple, powerful, easy to use and even easier to Love. Oh! And there's one more thing... It gives you SUPER POWERS!


Small Pressed: Wake Up Call

Small Pressed


Follow the mis-adventures of small press comic creators Garth and Christof as they embark on their first Comic book project. When Garth gets fired from his dead end job he has no choice but to move in with his old pal Christof. Wacky adventures ensue.


Villainous #3: Redemption

Villainous#3: Redemption


The final issue of Villainous is an explosive double issue finale. Picking up immediately after the ending of Issue 2, Detective Bryson and his squad are pinned down and fighting for their lives. Meanwhile Victor gets closer to finding the real Villain that threatens the city.

Anniversary of The Dead One Shot

Read Anniversary of The Dead One Shot


Read the Obscure Reference Comics Guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Finally an answer to the question: Can true love survive the Zombie apocalypse?


Villainous #2: Memento

Villainous#2: Memento


After a daring escape from Straffen Asylum, Victor Arkin is loose in the city and on the run from the police. Victor revisits places from his past, but with the Cops always one step behind him can he complete his mission and gain the redemption he seeks?


The Collabatory Season Two

The Collabatory Season Two


The Collabatory Season Two continues the weird and wonderful story of Garth, Christof and Super Zombie. When the guys get a message from Damien Knox CEO and chief editor of Dark Star Comic Publishers they rush to get the latest and greatest Volume of Super Zombie ready. Do Garth and Christof have what it takes to play in the big leagues?


Myth Monster MotherRucker #1

Myth Monster MotherRucker #1


Deep in the Ural Mountains of Russia a series of fantastic events led to the dissapearance of a group of Students. Finally their story can be told with the help of top secret F.S.B. files. Discover the truth about a cover up that goes to the highest levels of the Russain Government. This is no Myth....


Good Night Web Comic

Good Night


Read Good Night the exclusive web comic short now!


The Collabatory Season One

The Collabatory Season One


The Collabatory Season One begins the epic tale of Garth and Christof on their quest to create Comic Book perfection. Do they have the recipe for success?


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